Sunday, August 9, 2009

Body of Libertine, Mind of Scholar

Allow me to introduce myselfJustify Full I was raised on both sides of the pond and other places further afield. I attended international school, prep school in the 'States, did my undergraduate studies in the UK and on the East Coast of the States, followed by additional master's in the UK and France. Washington DC, Oxford, Paris, etc, you name a top tier university, chances are I've studied and gotten a degree from there. My CV / resume reads as a graveyard of all the proper or right occupations; that have in their own soul destroying way in turn bored me endlessly; Parliament, Capitol Hill, banking, and the Civil Service. So the insights or lackthereof is to be taken with this in mind whether you are impressed or dismayed by the idleness of my so-called "me" generation.

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